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Photo Memories Organisation is based in Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne. Over the last 20 years a volunteer team developed one of the best photograph restoring studios in the North East of England including scanning studio, photographic laboratory, research facilities, DVD production and many other services aimed at saving and sharing the many photographic archives being discovered and acquired throughout the North of England.

The experienced team have successfully restored many photographic archives and contributed to the history and culture of the North East. Many of the collections would have been lost or hidden in attics if it had not been for the enthusiasm and expertise of our volunteers. The services have extended to a range of challenges including the creation of the Co Operative retirement DVD, the production of prints and CD's for private collections and the digital storage of many historical prints and publications.

It is due to their work and the numerous contributions from the people who have helped in the updating of the various collections including the Ward Philipson images that we can provide notes and observations to enhance the brief notes and facts accompanying the photographs in the books and presentations. We are aware that many publications and editorials have been utilised by these volunteers and unfortunately too many for us to list or even be aware of for their inclusion. We also believe that the facts provided to us have been researched and are factually correct, but we cannot be certain or guarantee them. Our great appreciation goes to the researchers and contributors and to the fantastic array of local and national material which have provided the interesting comments. We would urge all of you to regard our web site and books as a picture resource and use the images to obtain more knowledge and information relating to the specific scene or historic view. 

We hope we can help jog your memory with our images and motivate you to investigate your local history and nostalgia. Please leave your facts, memories and comments on the collection/image page and together we can record those interesting historical memories and facts which can be shared with generations to come.

If you would like more information about sharing your information or our project please contact us.

Thank you.

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